So you want to start scouting? Beavers is the place to start!

Beavers are the youngest of the scouting family but that doesn’t mean they are the poor relation! No Beavers is a great start to your scouting adventure with the beaver being at the heart of what we do Beavers get the opportunity to try different activities and further their knowledge as well as having great fun. Within beavers we start that little sparkle ready for them to go on to bigger further adventures!

Beaver Scouts are aged 6 – 8 years old and are the youngest members of the scouting family.
We meet every Tuesday from 6.30pm- 8pm unless otherwise informed. The main aim of Beaver Scouts is to make friends, learn new skills and most of all have fun!
We follow a balanced programme consisting of a variety of challenge and activity badges including, Outdoor, Animal Friend, Air Activities, Creative and Fitness. These badges encourage children to learn new skills and most importantly trying their best at everything they do. There are 12 Beaver Scout Activity Badges and 6 Challenge Badges over the two years they are in the section.
Once they have achieved all six challenge badges they will earn the Chief Scouts Bronze award, the highest award a Beaver Scout can earn. We like to go on short shorts and we regularly plan sleepovers, which usually consist of sleeping at the Scout Headquarters, but sometimes we like to camp under canvas.
Once Beaver Scouts are eight years old they then ‘ swim up’ to Cub Scouts to continue their adventure.